Dissertation Design: Final Developments

Although I have stated throughout this process that the spreads would be printed onto old packaging after discussions with Meg I palsied that printed an entire dissertation on old packaging like cereal box cardboard wouldn’t be easy. We discussed how this might be printed onto recycled paper instead as this would still link back to the them of the dissertation. I thought that this would be a better choice for the final outcome rather than just saying that it will be printed onto old boxes. In order to show this I thought that I would change the texture of the cardboard to recycled paper texture instead as I’m unable to get it printed at the moment.

I have also had Shannon and Meg look at my spreads to help me notice anything that might need changing that I have missed from looking at the work alone for so long. By getting my work annotated by people has been really helpful throughout this year as I have felt as though I am in that studio when I haven’t been able to get into the studio. From this I was able to look at the hierarchy and type detailing of the spreads. I have tried to focus on the rag making sure I didn’t have any weird shapes or spacing. Also, I have spent time ensuring that in-text quotations have hanging quotation marks as this was something that I learnt in my time when completing ISTD.

With these final small type detailing changes I feel as though the project has come together massively and represents the content of my dissertation in the way which I wanted it to. If this was to be printed I also liked to have included some pages which are made from recycled materials such as plastics and cardboard to act as accent pages. In order to show this in contents I have printed some of the spreads out which I have photographed to show the scale of theme rather than using a mockup which wouldn’t show the desired context of the project.

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