FMP: Poster Developments

After a further one to one tutorial with David where we spoke about the posters. Although I’d decided to not showcase to much text on the posters David made a point about them needing to be a stand alone feature as well. Therefore having a very small amount of text on the posters would be extremely helpful to the viewer in order for them to understand the narrative of my work. David suggested looking and information design posters and the Munich Olympic Games posters for inspiration. In doing this i found that they used small heading beneath each of the icons to express what they were about. This helped has prompted me to develop the posters looking at the alignment of the icons as well as adjusting the layout of the piece.

After more discussions with David I felt that these posters could be placed within the book and become pages that detach and then act as posters. In order for this to become reality I felt that they needed to be A3 size rather than A1 in order to work with the size format of the book. I think that this style of design works better creates more dimensions to the piece and allows the viewer to know the meaning of symbols in this format as well. It would be interesting to develop posters in a similar style to show the routine and the movement of the notation.

After further discussions with Carol on Monday, we spoke about making some more experimental posters using the photography and symbols. She suggested I look at dance posters by Wayne McGregor for inspiration. By using the imagery that I had created I was able to again create a series of posters that worked with the aesthetic that I had already created. I wanted to keep these posters simple with the new project ‘mark’ being used on the bottom without any explaining text. I like the abstract nature of these poster and feel that they continue to work with the existing posters as well as the rest of the project.

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