FMP: Final Developments

After speaking with Carol, she suggested some changes that will help improve the project before the deadline.

  • Change the thickness of the lines on some of the symbols as they are still too thin for the screen and become illegible.
  • Look at using the write on effect to animate the roll of the hoop during the sequence. This will stop it from feel too clunky.
  • Consider redrawing the symbol for roll of the hoop making the circles smoother when looping.
  • Reshoot mockup imagery. At the moment the shadows are two harsh needs softer lighting – to reflect the beautiful nature of the project.

These along with the posters changes were easy enough to change and would help improve the overall finish of the project. I started by going back into illustrator and changing the line thickness. As it was only the smaller thin part of the circle using the line tool I could up the width of the stroke. After doing this on the files in illustrator it automatically updated the lines in the after effects for the animation. I also explored creating softer curves in the roll symbol and was able to start achieving this through the use of the smooth tool in illustrator. Through doing this I think that the symbols are stronger in the animation and rest of the project. The thin line of the rotation circle was often lost of the posters as well and with the change helps them to be cleaner and more sophisticated.

In terms of the animation the main change was using the write on effect to animate the roll onto the screen. I found using a YouTube tutorial was helpful in allowing me the opportunity to learn how to create a smoother write on effect using the stroke present rather than the after effects write on present. I think that this has give the roll a more organic look to the final outcome.

Click the Link to view the animation:

I have also spent time reshooting the mockup photos for the book. I printed off a range of the spreads to photograph in context. Personally, I have preferred taking photos of printed outcomes rather than mockups but this isn’t always possible especially in the current climate. I am fortunate enough to have access to resources which allow me to shoot my own photos for the project. Using my DLSR camera and some lights I was able to replicate the photography studio settings to take some of the photos. I shot some of the photos on a white background and then some using different colour to try and make the white of the spreads pop. I personally think that these are strong mockup images and show the context of the project well. In an ideal world I would have like to have shown this being used in a gym context but unfortunately I don’t have access to this at the moment.

In order to show the context of the posters in more detail I was able to have them print out in A3 which allowed me to photograph them to work in a similar style to the rest of the project. I was happy with these posters and the detail that I was able to capture in the images. These detailed shots of the symbols really capture the essence of the project and help to showcase the beauty of the symbols. The hardest part of this was photographing all the posters together as I wasn’t fortune enough to have the biggest space in the world to do this

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