Level 6: Reflection

Specialist Practice Module (Design for Real Life & Competitions)

Design for Real Life

One of the most important thing I learnt on this project was learning to work when there are multiple different inputs about a design concept. I learnt how as a designer we have to take this on board and movement forward making decision based on our knowledge as well as taking the clients thoughts on board. I think that I have been able to learn for this process as well on how to remember to be considerate working with sensitive issues like Aphasia. I have developed this project based on feedback and have recently submitted the design to creative conscience awards.


Since starting the course three years ago I always wanted to complete an ISTD brief when I got to my third year. I chose the Biophilia brief as I have a personal connection to the topic as someone who enjoys spending time outdoors in the fresh air. I learnt so much from this project not only technically about typography/hierarchy/scale but also about myself as a designer. I have spent a lot of my time over uni experimenting with digital and animation but this project was purely about print and I enjoyed being able to work with paper stock and scale.

One other aspect that this project has taught me is research is so important. I started this project purple thinking about open water swimming and the small link to friluftsliv. However, after more research I found that friluftsliv was the answer to the brief and I was able to experimental with the outcome. Not only has this research helped me in design but also made me think about how I can add this into my own life as someone who works a lot.

Exposure Module (Penguin, Criticality, Dissertation Design & Final Major Project)

Penguin Book Cover Competition

One of the main things I have taken away from this project this year is never been afraid to move away from the obvious answer. Being more conceptual when designing is a positive thing and will work to create imaginative book covers. I found this project although it was only a weeks project helped me to think in a different mindset and design for a different audience as a lot of my work is often aimed at an older audience. I submitted this cover into penguin however, I was unfortunately not shortlisted for the final award, but it was good to get the experience.


Looking back on this project I can see how it got me thinking in a different angle how this was a good thing to learn. I found this three week project challenging as I struggled with designing with no brief. However, in this project I learnt key skills that have helped me throughout my FMP while also learning that creating disruption in certain spaces can sometimes be the best way to communicate an idea or message. I will be taking this away with me from this project.

Dissertation Design

With my dissertation design I have tired to put into practice what I have learnt from my ISTD project in terms of type detailing. I wanted to capture the essence of my project throughout the 5 spread and cover. I found this project was helpful in teaching me how to put my type skills into a document (editorial) not just experimental large scale productions. The thing that I’ve learnt the most from this project is how the content can really lead the design and help create a concept for the outcome, this was simple for this project as I have written the content myself however it’s a skill I am taking forward with me into practice.

Final Major Project

At the start of this year I was anxious about starting my final major project, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what the topic would be. I always wanted to include rhythmic gymnastics into a project in my time as a student as it was a big part of life for so long, final major project gave me the platform to be playful and experimental with the subject. I have loved working on my final major project and is a project I am thinking of continuing on with as a personal passion project. One thing it has taught me is to be bold and extreme and not be to afraid to change up my style to suit the context of the design.

I was able to use all my skills that I had learnt over the three years to produce animated content, editorial content and content for posters – while also using my creative skills to reimagine the symbols creating new one. I found this whole process really inspiring and it has helped me to work endless to try and produce the best outcome for this project that I can.


Professional practice and afterlife session have really helped inspire me this year to look forward to the next few years finding my feet in industry whatever that may be. It has taught me to take opportunity and if you don’t ask you really don’t know what the outcome will be. They have encouraged me to be more confident as a designer and person and they have been really helpful to listen to over the past three years.

Over the past year work remotely away from tutors, peers and studio has been hard but I feel that I have managed to keep myself on track and keep creative at the same time. It has been a difficult past year and half with everything that has happen but I think that this has spaced me as a designer as well encouraging me to try new things like interviews via teams or meeting people over Skype to discuss work. It has made me more flexible as a designer and more ambitious to get back into a creative environment with creative people again when we are able too.

To see all my final outcome please visit my website: https://abbiewilliamsdesigns.com

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