Design as Activism – Developing on Feedback

As a group we presented our campaign and outcomes to the rest of the course where we gained both peer and tutor feedback on our work. Some feedback stated:

  • the infographic had good balance
  • logo design works well with the plastic bottles becoming part of the type
  • stop motion and gif work well

It was clear from some of the feedback that there were some elements that had been lost due to communication errors over our break. For example putting the outcomes into context, displaying them in the form of social media. For example, I could have displayed my gif as if it was part of an instagram feed or facebook post.

Furthermore, one piece of feedback we received was that the colour scheme we had chosen reminded people of IKEA due to the strong blue and yellow. It was felt that the yellow colour should appear more toxic as the thinking behind it was to highlight the synthetic colours that plastic is bringing to nature, which the blue was to represent the natural beauty of the world. As a team we felt that it was best to change the colours to a lighter blue and a more ‘toxic’ yellow green shade. This enabled us to then stop being associated with larger brands and gave us our own identity.

Logo Development – Change of colour scheme

Feedback also said that we many be could have benefitted further from using more seafood in our imagery as our research said majority of micro plastic get into our food chain via the ocean, this is something that we did consider but just felt that wasn’t able to be achieve. However, during our presentation we mentioned the fact that we weren’t able to get the shots of the food around the face, playing on that idea of being disgusting due to not being able to book studio space. According to verbal feedback this could have been stronger more powerful imagery and in future we should consider using other spaces to take the imagery.

For my individual outcome the feedback was mainly positive however, there were a few things that I could develop in order to make it better. Changing the colour of the outer glow of the type on the screen to be the softer blue rather than the white would link back further to the campaign logo and colour scheme. This was something I was able to develop after the feedback as well. I think that this feedback has helped make the outcome stronger which helps capture the audience’s attention further. As I was making adjustments to the GIF I also changed the logo to the newly developed one in order to show how this would work now on the GIF.

Developed GIF Outcome 
Context PCA
Gif in context



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