Protest – Placards Initial Ideas

The next stage of this project was to undertake the graphics brief which is based around placards, compared to the previous brief this one worked to my strengths however, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from the previous brief and apply to this brief. The brief is asking the group to produce a series of placards with one being made in the style of Stanley Green which is purely typographical, whereas the others in the series are able to include original imagery.

As a team we sat down and thought about the ideas that we could develop since everybody seemed to have a range of ideas. However, we thought it was best to start by coming up with the copywriting that would appear on the placards. through brainstorming and mind mapping we were able to start creating some interesting copywriting that we could potentially use. We then decided to highlight 4 key ones that we could experiment with and explore further. These included;

  1. Let Me Be Wild
  2. You like your freedom, so would they
  3. we can’t speak up so why don’t you
  4. if it was humans it would be abuse

We felt that the use of the pronouns ‘me’ ‘you’ and ‘we’ made the statement stronger and got the audience thinking about the topic. This is a technique we’ve seen used before in both campaigns and other forms of ‘political’ information. This was clear that they would grab the attention therefore this is where the hierarchy would need to be in majority of these statements.


As an initial starting point we each decided to go away and create ideas around what placards could look like, we started off by looking at the placards that would be using both imagery and type. In the initial ideas studio session we talked about using the 3D element that seem to have worked in the oxymoron outcome potentially within the placards. (maybe having things standing out or having cut away into the placard itself to create an image). We spoke about continuing to use imagery that we had used in the oxymoron, chains, bars and claw marks within the placard so this was something that I thought about when creating my initial ideas to feedback to the group.

Below are the initial sketches for different placard designs, using the claw mark I felt that this was very visual and linked to the idea of being wild. It related back to the idea of the animal trying to escape, like its trapped in the placard and is trying to get out. With this there are variations, however, they would all be cut into the material to create that sense of 3D.

With the idea of freedom I thought about using bars within this as I felt that it would be away of showing what freedom isn’t. I started by having a gap in the bars there the words were however, I don’t think this worked as well. However, as the designs developed having the word freedom almost escaping from the bar I think works well to try and highlight this point. For both the ‘we can’t speak up so why don’t you’ and ‘if it was humans it would be called abuse’ I found it difficult to think about these including imagery. I experimented with the idea of a cage and using tape to shut off certain words, as from research this is what they do to some animals when smuggling them. Through doing these sketches it had allowed me to be creative and experiment and think that some of these ideas with further development could work well to create some nice outcomes.

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