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Group Tutorial Feedback – Final Concept

For the tutorial I took the three initial concepts that I had developed, spoke about each of the concepts individually to the group.  Overall the feedback that I received was positive, peers who were doing the same article as me thought that the ideas were very unique and that they obviously weren’t cliche as none of them had even thought about them.

They felt that each of the concepts had potential to be developed further, however, concept 1 they felt had been done previously especially with the imagery of the ink clouds. It was a new concept by the imagery I was using seemed similar to that of previous ideas. Therefore, I felt that it was best to maybe consider using a different concept as I wanted the concept to be original.

As a group they thought that the second concept that I had developed was the strongest and offered a very different insight into the article itself. They felt that it had great potential with imagery and type but at the moment the imagery I had was to literal and I needed to think about using something that’s more metaphorical. To do this it was suggested that I looked at different connections and links, things that connect items in very day life to use to create metaphorical imagery for the article. The next stage of the process I needed to think about these and use creative thinking techniques to try come up with imagery thats new.

They thought that the third concept was interesting however, concept two only had the most potential. I received feedback on the typography experiment that I had done, they thought that the type from concept 1 and concept 2 had real potential and that I should consider experimenting with these further. Possible taking a few of the textures out of imagery from concept 1 and add it into the typography.


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