UX/UI – Adobe XD Workshop

For this project we were going to need to use new software called Adobe XD, which is currently still under development. However, we are still able to download the software form the creative cloud and use it to create prototypes of our apps.

Personally for me the workshop was very helpful as I had no previous knowledge of this software before it was mentioned to me. We learnt about key aspects of the software and elements of the design that would help to create transitions between the different area the app requires. Within Adobe XD there are two areas to work within, design and prototype, in design tab you deal with the visual aspects so what the app looks like whereas through the prototype tab you are able to make elements of the design links to other screens.

Like other adobe programmes I learnt that layers can be used to build up the design, which for me helped me to understand how it works as I know how layers works in Photoshop and Illustrator. However, the layers are shown as folders which is slightly different from the other adobe software. Compared to other adobe software there is a difference in the way that images are brought into the programme. It’s simple as drawing a rectangle then dragging the image into there and it will automatically resize.

In the tutorial we worked through this a create an app which helped me to understand all these elements further. The fact that it uses art board to create the imagery on then eventually link them all together is really good. One tool in particular that I found interesting was the repeat grid tool which means I can select a series of images drag them into one rectangle then use this to repeat them and they will all be identical.

Another really useful tool in XD is the preview of the app, by pressing the play button you are able to see how your app would function. This is good for seeing if the app is suitable and as you wanted for your user. Furthermore, being able to record the app is really good as I think this will help to show my development throughout the course of the project.

Overall this workshop has helped me to think about the possibility that I could create through using this software and it has helped me to think more about how I will be able to put aspects of the design together.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.03.04Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.12.21Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.12.25



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