UX/UI – Initial sketches & Ideas

After the last tutorial I went away and started to think further into the questions that were put to me last time. I started by looking at apps out there and their layouts as I felt that this would give me a good starting point to develop my own clear layouts. After the movie app design lecture I knew that I was going to have to think about icons and labelling to ensure that the users experience goes smoothly. I found that a lot of the apps had navigation points which is something I need to consider when I develop my own app.


I also went away and started to nail down the content for the app, as I had lots of different ideas about what could be included in the app. I decided that there would be four areas that the app would do, route finding, places finding, user profile and waste bin finder. I thought that all four of these worked well together as they are things that you would use when out walking. I thought that the users could have a profile for the app which would allow them to input a route and then share with others using the app. I create a wireframe to help me start to visualise what the app could look like, working like this I think helps me best to create an aesthetics.  This wireframe highlights the four different elements of the apps and how they would interact with each other.


Furthermore, thinking about the aesthetics for the app I thought about what the dog walkers aesthetic would be but in the end I came to the conclusion that dog owners are crazy about their dog therefore would maybe want their app to tailored to their dog. I thought about the main image being used would be personalised so that the user of the app would be able to simply add a image of their dog into the app. In terms of a name for the app I started to think more about what dog walking included so to do this I used the lotus blossom technique which helped to generate name ideas. A few of the initial names included; prints, bark and woof walks. However, I didn’t think that they highlighted the essence of the app and weren’t as catchy as I thought that they could have been. So I started thinking about the relationship between humans and dogs and what do owners call their dogs. The name doggo came to mind as it’s a nickname that some people do call their dogs, however, I thought that splitting the characters up to create Dog-Go was a go play on words as it highlighted that it was dog owners and taking them out.





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