Now What Show – CSAD Degree Show

I decided to look around the CSAD Degree show, Now What. This was really inspiring to look around because it allowed me to see what can be achieved and see others work that have been through the process that I am just starting. I really enjoy looking at all the piece within the show however, there were a few that I found really inspiring.


To start off with one piece I found inspiring was by Maris Latham, Bias Sans. It was inspired by the gender stereotypes, masculine, feminine and neutral. The aim of this typeface was to raise awareness surrounding the biases that we possess unconsciously. I really liked how the colours chosen appeared to be related to the stereotype that society holds. Blue for masculine, a coral shade for feminine while neutral is in a grey. Type is something that I am thinking about looking further into as I develop throughout the course this is why I found her work inspiriting to look at.

Furthermore, I also found the work by Joe Tophum-Taylor inspiriting as it showcased the ability to use graphic skills alongside others such as photography. As I come from a photography background I found this work inspiring. In particular I liked the editorial piece magazine which showed the negative connotations of certain places within Wales, I thought the concept was very clever. When looking through the guide created, I really admired the use of large spread with only type on them, this combined with the photography I personally thought made the guide interesting and engaging.

Thirdly,  the magazine Tide which was created/designed by Megan Jones was another piece which was inspiring to me. Again I liked the use of photography within this piece and how the editorial magazine had be. engaging with the variation in pace. Also, I like the use of video alongside the magazine from a presentation point of view I thought that this was really strong. As editorial is something that I am very interested in and want to potentially purse in the future, it was inspiring to see what others were designing and how I could develop to maybe create something like this in the future.

Latham, M. (2019) Bias Sans [Typeface] CSAD: Now What!.
Tophum-Taylor, J. (2019) Negative Connotations. [Editorial] CSAD: Now What!.
Jones, M. (2019) Tide. [Editorial] CSAD: Now What!.

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