Portfolio & Website – Website Design Progress

Website – abbiewilliamsdesigns.com

Following my feedback on my website, I needed to refine the content of the work but also refine the design elements of it too. Firstly, I decided to refine the content of my website. I have included the three projects from 2nd year as well as adding in one of my field projects. Over time I think that I will grow the number of projects being shown on my website however, for this moment in time I felt that it was best to have the 4 projects.

To reflect and link my portfolio and CV to my website, I made the subheading on the website the same coral colour that I have used throughout my branding. I haven’t included as much type on the website as I wanted to work to speak for itself. I also haven’t overloaded the projects with images just selected a few images but there are more images on the website than my portfolio. Depending on the project I have made sure that all the video content is working and placing within a mock-up to give the viewer a sense of how it would work in real life.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.31.15

Even though I have included an about section for the website I felt that it needed some imagery of me, to try and make it more personal. I also felt that an image of me would make a nice addition to the landing page of the website. I am fortunate enough to own my own camera and tripod which meant that I was able to set up a mini shoot to get the images that I needed. I used the rule of thirds for the set-up of the photos as I felt that it would allow the type that would be placed on the landing page to work better with the image. I think that by adding these images give the audience a face to put to the name rather than just imagining me. On the landing page I have added a scroll down button, a short description and a welcome phrase. I ensured that the image work when both viewing on the laptop and phone.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.31.47

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.31.38

In the tutorial we talked about adding a custom domain name to my website. I thought that this was a good idea as it would add a sense of professionalism to my work. I was able to purchase my domain name and add it to my website easily through Adobe Portfolio. I have found using Adobe Portfolio easy and familiar, it’s also quick and simple to make amendments to the website.

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