DfRL: Initial Campaign Design Research

I thought that it would be beneficial if I had a look at designs that were already out there which are related to Aphasia or just powerful campaigns/resources in raising awareness. By doing this is could start to spark ideas for this project and make me aware of things that are working.

No Words: Graphic Design + Aphasia | 2016

One of the first projects I found was called No Words: Graphic Design + Aphasia. It a project about creating a design experience of people with aphasia to add to their creativity and communication skills. The artwork created from the sessions at the clinic would be used as the artwork in a speech aid that informs the public about to to interact with people with Aphasia. This interesting as Jennifer Livaudais who created the project worked first hand with these people, which shows how much speaking to someone who suffers from Aphasia can help influence ideas and design. She also talked about looking at how health information can be made easier for them, by using big point sizes and increased line spaces. She’s then used this within her own design which has made it consistent throughout the project.

Loss for Words | 2017

This was a campaign run by the Stroke Association back in 2017. I watched their short animation about how hard it can be to live with Aphasia and it can be really lonely especially at Christmas. It was a very touching animation that really showed the core message they were trying to get across. The campaign also showed short clips of people who suffer from Aphasia telling their stories and experiences. I found that this makes it more real as a viewer I felt empathy and put myself in their shoes. Furthermore, releasing the campaign coming up to Christmas and basing it around the theme of Christmas seems to create a stronger emotional connection.

The colours and type being consistent with the brand have made this design easily recognisable at the stroke association. They’ve kept the purple throughout the campaign not only in the videos but also in the social media posts and posters. This is a key aspect to remember consistency is key when designing for this brief.

Global Warming Ad | 2009

This image above isn’t part of a wider campaign however, I found it really powerful and moving. The use of the Penguins make the campaign more personal this element of humanisation is a good way of getting people to engage with the resource to raise awareness. The penguin pulling on the light switch play on peoples emotions even more so that there’s a baby penguin there as well. I don’t think the use of photography within my brief would work but it works really well within this context.

We can’t wait to Tackle Climate Change | 2019

Another campaign I looked at was the we can’t wait to Tackle climate change campaign by better bus. Again it uses the animals to create the personal feeling, like it’s one of us who’s waiting at the bus stop. I think that this is a clever and clear campaign that shows the message they are trying to convey. Again it used the style of photography which works well in this content but might not work as well within my own project.

I do like the idea of the posters being landscape rather than portrait it means that they could be used as viral images as well as posters. Something like this could be used within my final outcomes for this brief as I feel that it would need to be flexible between digital and print.






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