FMP: Briefing & Initial Ideas

During the briefing for Final Major Project we were shown examples of previous project and ambitious work which we could use as inspiration for decided the theme of our project. I found looking through previous work inspiring as it showed me what can be achieved in the space of time that we have been given. We spoke about the various ways in which we could start to develop ideas on themes for this project. This was something that helped me to get thinking more about what I wanted to do. Also looking at my portfolio and see what was missing would also help me to think about what area I might like my outcome to be produced in.

To start the ideation I thought that it would be best to think about things that make me tick. This hit home to me after hearing Maris Latham’s Afterlife talk that to do a 7 week project it has to be something that I have a genuine interest in. I created a mind-map on my wall where I was able to start writing down and ideating quickly and visually. Main topic I thought about where sustainability (Climate change etc.) , sport (Gymnastics, issues within sport, healthy eating), escapism (reading/dreams/imagination), History (local, personal) and Mental Health (anxiety). All of these topics are areas which I have a personal interest on and I was able to think about idea that I could explore within them and some of them how I could explore it through graphic design.

All the topic that I had ideated had potential however, I think due to my personal connection to sport I was being drawn in this direction. I haven’t done a project on sport in my portfolio and thought that it would be something new to explore. I have a vast amount of knowledge in the area of the gymnastic having competed as a Rhythmic Gymnast for 10 years and coached for a further 4 years. I have a real interests in the sport and what it is about but I know that there are some issues surrounding it. I thought that looking at gender within gymnastics or body image gymnastic could be interesting as there is a vast amount of research about these in particular. Also celebrating the sport could also be interesting as it’s a lesser known sport and has some really beautiful elements to it which visually could be represented.

Aside from these ideas I was also drawn to the idea of looking at imagination and alternative universes. I have an interest in the way people imagine things, specially when reading and how this influences peoples perception on reality. I thought that there could be something interesting to look at the way that people see the world differently whether that’s through colour perception or imagination. Comparing this theme to the theme of sport I think that there is potential in both but the gymnastic idea would work well as I have a better understanding of the context/ target audience which I would be working in.

Celebrating Rhythmic Gymnastics: Exploring the underrated sport of rhythmic gymnastic, aiming to raise its platform against more common artistic gymnastic and get more individuals interested in the sport.

Body Image in Sport: Exploring the issues of body image within sport specifically gymnastic. Aiming to get people to stop worried what their body looks like and just enjoy the sport that they are doing.

Gender Discrimination in Sport: Exploring gender stereotypes within sport, specifically gymnastics, challenging the conservative views of the sports governing body why do we still have a gender issue amongst the sport.

For both themes I haven’t really thought much about what the outcome would be. My portfolio from this year has a lot of print based project so it would be interesting to think about doing something Digital or even interactive. In previous years I have always enjoyed seeing my work being interacted with people. After speaking with David and my peers , about the gymnastics influence I hope that I will get a stronger insight into what themes I want to take forward and what I want to do with the idea.

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