FMP – Disruption Workshop

The workshop with Carol today was all about design methods and methodologies that we could use within our final major projects. We spoke about a variety of design methodologies including design fiction, critical design, speculative design, typographic systems, social design methods, service design, behaviour change/play and branding. I found this workshop insightful as I was able to learn about all these different approaches that could be applied to a project. We were asked to think about our own projects in relation to these design methodologies and methods and find a paper that relates to our theme of our projects.

I looked at kinesthetic empathy this is something that Carol suggested I look at. Kinesthetic Empathy is the ability to experience empathy merely by oberserving the movement of another human being. This links to my project about movement within rhythmic gymnastics as gymnasts are often having to tell a story with their performance and connect with the audience and judges. The paper talked about it in context to dance movement but it could be applied to my project.

I then started to think about the method and methodologies that I could consider. Firstly it’s quite experimental as a project and I want to link it to type design as I think there is similairotys been humans and type due to the physical elements required to make up type. I also thought about embodiment design and how it could link to this idea of embedding the characterises of rhythmic gymnastics within a visual interpretation. Ialso thought that as an alternative route I could consider maybe looking at changing behaviour through play. As I have research into the preconceptions that individuals have about the sport of rhythmic gymnastics that I could experiment with creating something that’s aims to change these perspectives.

Therapeutic Relationships and Kinesthetic Empathy, Diana Fischman.

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