FMP: Creative Brief

Following on from the tutorial and beginning of visual research I wrote the creative brief to try and help me focus my thoughts and ideas for the project. It also helped me to write a concise paragraph about the overview and background, object and target audience for the project. Target audience is the one element of the creative brief that I found difficult as it’s narrow in terms of the initial target audience (those in the sport) by it also have to reach the secondary target audience which are those who know nothing about the sport. I thought that it could be best to aim this at a younger audience between ages 16-25 as this is the age range that the sport tends to see athletes complete until. Furthermore, under the deliverables for the project I have started to think about type and designing a typeface that encompasses the movement of the gymnasts. At the time being I have written about the typeface being only influenced by the movement but this could also be influenced by the characteristics of the sport.

In indesign putting together the creative brief I kept it simple at this stage as I had no idea about the colour or style my work might take at the moment. I came across a quote by Joseph C Zinker “All creative activity begins with movement” I found this very interesting and inspiring. I thought that it related to the topic of movement and the idea that Rhythmic Gymnastics is more than a sport it’s an art form.

By having a creative brief I have now given myself the boundaries I would like to work within for the project. I have also outlined the phrases of development to keep me on track and managing my time better. My next stage is complete further research than start drawing characters for the typeface and start finally thinking about what I want to do with the typeface to try and raise the platform of the sport.

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