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Professional Practice: Job Applications & Interviews

The session today focused on writing job applications online and how to conduct yourself in an interview and what to expect. Though I have written job applications before and attended interviews I wanted to recap and get some more tips and advice for when I am looking in the design sector for a job. I found the session was really useful in terms of giving me things to think about when applying and getting an interview – especially the idea of using the STARR method to construct answers to questions. Below are bullet point of key things I got from the session.

  • Create a plan before starting to write a personal supporting statement. Always address key aspects or words used in the job advert/description.
  • If there is a word limit on a question make sure to stick to it. This is something that I already knew but thought it was important to write about as a reminder here.
  • Always support a statement with evidence. Having a story or example to back up any claims made is very important within the application process.
  • Research, Research, Research. – Doing your research into the job and company even person reading application is important.
  • Give plenty of time to complete application.
  • Always keep a copy if get called to interview is important to familiarise beforehand with what you wrote.
  • If unsuccessful ask for feedback and don’t be dishearten by it. Learn and continue to grow from it.
  • Interviews can vary in the format with they are conducted, lately mainly via video call due to pandemic.
  • Always consider questions that you want to ask them about the job or working environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the sector.
  • Reflect on roles and skills that you offer and can bring to the team.
  • Handling interview stress – prep what you can in advance, body language, eye contact are things to remember. Have a treat afterwards to reward yourself with – this can help.
  • STARR – Situation – Task – Approach – Result – Reflect.
  • Using the STARR method can help structure the answers to competency questions that you might get asked by the employer.
  • Reflection, Adaptability and Resilience are key things that employers are looking at right now.

Overall, I will use this points to help me in the long term when applying for jobs and attending interviews as I think they have taught me a few things I wasn’t aware of before.


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