Hybography & Illustrator Workshop

During my first workshop this morning I learnt about the idea of ‘Hybography’. This is when to typefaces are joined together to create a hybrid typeface. I was given a san-serif and a serif font, both upper and lower case, which I needed to use in order to create a typographic hybrid.

This was an interesting workshop as it’s not as easy as it might appear. It gave me a greater appreciation of typefaces and how they can be used to create a certain tone to a word. As the main task of the workshop I was given a word which I then had to set in order to give to convey the meaning of the word. The word that I was given was ‘prideful’ which I decided to research into more before I started putting pen to paper.


I decided to go with the approach that ‘prideful’ meant to overbearing, high importance or superiority. I started off making the small sketches of ideas that could work to present the type. These included having the word in the centre of the box in order to show its superiority and high importance (centre of attention). The synonym ‘overbearing’ gave me the idea to include the serifs off certain characters to create an overlap of some letters. I experimented with cutting out and physically putting the two typeface together to create a hybrid. This allowed me to see if my outcome would work.



I took various elements from different letterforms from the serif font in order to add them to the san-serif typeface which I felt worked best as it was striking and large.I then went on to hand draw the hybrid typeface because I felt that this would give me the best outcome. This was a really useful workshop because it gave me that chance to get a greater understanding of the impact typefaces have and how they can be used on certain words to create a sense of the meaning of the word.

The second work shop that I participated in was about using the basics of Adobe Illustrator. This mainly focused on using the pen tool and text tool while also looking at how to use different brush strokes. We were given the task of drawing a rocket using the pen tool. This was a difficult task for me as I hadn’t had much experience of using the pen tool prior to this, but eventually I was able to create a vector that was similar to what a rocket could look like. This was a really interesting as I learnt how to merge shapes together use the reflect tool but also how to access different brush strokes to create more artistic style to the vector.

We also were able to explore how to use and manipulate text within Illustrator which will be useful to me in the project that I have been set. I learnt how to make the type vector shapes which enabled to me manipulate the characters and change their appearance. I also experimented with colours and different brush strokes.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 15.39.29

I think that these two workshop have helped my understand the importance of typography and capabilities that are possible to create outstanding forms of typography. I will be using these techniques and style of working to help me with future project involving both typography and illustrator

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