Portfolio Project – Inspiration & Research

Before starting to look at designing my own portfolio I thought that looking for some inspiration and ideas would be helpful. To do this I thought about looking as some of my favourite designers portfolios and looking at some layouts I could find.

Even though Angela Lyons’s portfolio is an online website I thought that it would be interesting for me to look at to gain an understanding and see how her work is presented. One of the things that I really like about Angela’s is the simplicity of the layout, white background to allow the work to speak for itself with simple black type. I also liked the layout of the projects, they were clearly organised into their categories allowed the client to simply go to the area they wanted. This is something that I don’t feel I would need for this initial portfolio but as it progresses I think that it would be something to consider.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 15.21.12.png
Angela Lyon’s Portfolio

I also looked at Sagmeister & Walsh another favourite of mine. I particular like the layout again, in the reverse of Angela Lyons’s portfolio, the work is displayed on black. I think this is very dynamic and different. In this ‘portfolio’ website I like the amount of images that shows the context of the design, it showcase the design better than having a long synopsis next to it.

Furthermore, I also started to create an inspiration board on Pinterest. I thought that this would allow me the opportunity to see various portfolios that I wouldn’t necessarily known of. Through doing this as well it gave me the chance to see how portfolios that aren’t websites could be laid out.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 13.52.56.png

From looking at some of these I found that I prefered the cleaner style of layout, lots of white space and the images being large and bold. This was something that I could consider when designing my own portfolio. Through doing this it allowed me the chance to see what aspects I liked and others which I didn’t. This mini research will enable me when designing my own portfolio and help me to ensure that I am showcasing who I am as a designer.

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