Portfolio Project Development

To begin designing my portfolio I wanted to start by considering what my ‘brand’ would look like. Using the workshop from before and thinking further about who I am as a designer helped to start to create an idea for the look of the portfolio. I see myself as a creative individual coming from an art/photography background gave me the idea to consider using a brush mark within my identity. This combined with a clean background would show I’m creative & ‘hands on’ but I am still professional to work with.

In illustrator I started to experiment with a brushstroke effect however, after considering and talking to others about their thoughts I decided to use an actual brushstroke mark which I created then scanned into the computer to create the identity. This showed me as a designer better I think as it shows that my background is in art/photography etc and it shows that I am not afraid to experiment with media to create a unique outcome.

Computer generated outcome
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.48.05
Mixed Media outcome

I decided to use the typeface Kiro as I felt that it was clean, sophisticated and professional which show me as a designer. This typeface choice combined with the brushstroke mark I feel sum up me as a young designer perfectly.  I decided to chose to different weights of fonts, to show a level of hierarchy. The emphasis on my first name as I felt that this was the most important as I want people to know who I am. I thought from a design point of view that having the more dense font over majority of the stroke would allow it to be more legible. This idea of contrast weight in is something that I felt I could continue throughout the course of the portfolio.

I wanted to showcase my outcomes in context to allow the viewer to gain a better understanding of their purpose. I decided to print off the outcome which were design for print and photograph them in their context setting as well as the studio. I thought that this would also showcase my photography ability, which is another passion of mine. At the current stage I have only photographed certain projects as I waiting on things to be printed and bound, in the case of the editorial project.

poster 2
Reimagining Design Histories – Art Deco Poster 
poster 5
Reimagining Design Histories – Art Deco Poster 
UX/UI Design – Concept App – Dog-go
portfolio m
Movement Animation – Indictorism

Like in the editorial project pace is an critical part of the design the portfolio, to help engage the viewer. I wanted each page to have a different design but still all link together. I did this through the use of the ‘branding’ I used on the first page scaled down and paced in the corner of the page (either top/bottom left). Furthermore, I wanted to showcase certain images from particular project so I felt that it was appropriate to have some pages where they image is consuming the entire page.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 14.29.03.png
Portfolio page – Editorial Project 



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