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Who’s The Designer – 100 Marques Launch

We were set a 1 week project called ‘100 marques’ which aims to show us how quickly we can produce 100 different ideas for something. The project requires use to create 100 different marques to represent us, logo’s that we could use to brand ourselves and our work in a portfolio. The marques have to represent us, our practice and our ethos as a designer.

I thought that it was important to start by considering who I am, who I am as a designer and my own ethos. I create some mind maps so that I could quickly jot words that described me, using these then I would be able to start ideation for the 100 marques.

Last year I did create a logo which can be seen below, I thought that this started to represent me as a designer and was best at the time but I am hoping that throughout this project some of the logo’s I create may inspire me to think about how I could develop my marque further for the future.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.48.05
Current Marque. 



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