On Display – Design Systems Workshop

This workshop started off with David talking about the quote from Claire Brown which embedded the idea of story telling throughout the exhibition space.

“it is the 3-dimensional translation or manifestation of a narrative, story, idea, concept, question, memory…designers create transformative experiences that educate, awe, inspire, and engage visitors”

From this we also talked about framing the exhibition and how it would be better to not take a linear approach to the themes, which got me thinking about my own project further and about how at first it might be quite a linear approach. However, as it’s to raise awareness that not everybody is the same I think that’s a solid standpoint.

We spoke about visual language and its role within this context, to persuade, to describe, to instruct and to entertain. The visual language needs to be able to communicate these to whoever the audience is. Leading on from this was a discussions about systems and how this is made up for various elements. Developing a system for a brand is important because it creates consistency across all medias.

According to an article by Norbert Chavez he touches upon six elements that a message (brand) must do:

(1) getting the sender in touch with the recipient;
(2) informing the recipient about what the sender wants;
(3) persuading the recipient about what it is said;
(4) showing the sender and his attributes so as to let the origin be known;
(5) explaining how that should be read and
(6) pleasing the recipient. That is to say: contact, information, persuasion, identification, conventionality and aesthetic.


Way finding refers to navigation from place to place and is important to human activity. Important within an exhibition space as people would be able to navigate an unfamiliar space.  An effective Wayfinding system is based on human behaviour which doesn’t make them think, clear and consistent visual communication and shows only what is needed.

Overall this lecture and workshop really helped me to start thinking about how I’m going to develop the project further and how I need to ensure that things are simple but still communicate a message.


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