On Display – Booklet Development

For the booklet I decided I wanted it to be small easy for the people visiting to hold while going around the exhibition. I decided that A5 was a reasonable size to make the booklet small enough to carry about big enough for people to read. I felt that making it to small would mean that some members of the target audience wouldn’t be able to read it, because the exhibition is going to be public it will attract a different array of people.

I wanted to the exhibition booklet to also match the poster designs that I had created so I thought about using the small imagery so that the brand was consistant across all printed emphera. Instead of just using the images as they were I felt that using the three accent colours are duotones over the images would be different but still be easily recognisable as a the brand.

I decided that the cover of the booklet would be black and white to show that we initial think we know everything bout somebody because of their uniform, we think it’s all black and white. The when you open up booklet you are faced with bright colours which shows that we never know the personality in the uniform. I think that this is a simple but effective way of getting the meaning across to the audience.

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Using InDesign I created these spreads for the booklets, using the visual language I created for the brand. The booklet uses a a 3 column grid system with guttering of 6mm, this allows all the text to be displayed correctly while still allowing the images to breathe. The page numbers are reversed to mimic the brand’s marque and to reiterate the use of mirrors.

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