Explore: Work Placement – Week 2

At the start of my second week on work placement, I am still at Girl & Boy studio in Barry. This week I have been tasked with creating some editorial page layouts using the branding I worked on last week.  Before coming on work placement I was really interested in editorial work, so I was excited to get set this task to learn more about how designers approach editorial design.

After spending the morning designing some spread I had a catch up with Leanne & Duncan who went through the spreads that I had done already. This was really useful as it helped me to see what elements of my editorial were working and which elements I might need to consider further. Part of this process was learning how to use character styles, these I had heard of before but never learnt to use. These basically mean that you can easily use the same point size, typeface and colour throughout the document. Learning how to do will help throughout the course of my editorial work and hopefully working in the industry in the future. Another thing them suggested to me was thinking about the furniture on the page. Not only have I learnt so much about how to use InDesign but I have also gained so much knowledge about the industry. I’ve learnt about new studios I hadn’t heard about before, learnt more about printing methods and about working methods. This has also taught me that I need to have more faith in myself as a designers and not be afraid to show what I’ve worked on.


Over the past week I have so many enjoyable experiences when it comes to learning from the designers at the studio and being able to listen in on client meeting to see how the designers work with the client to come up with ideas. I think I have been able to develop all my skills, in terms of design and communication in the past week, through the task I have taken on and the feedback I have received. I think that I can use all the knowledge that I have gained in the past week to help me improve my design work but also my presentation skills. (This is a key skill that I have to use throughout university).

I have really loved my experience these past two weeks and I think that it will continue to enjoy my work placement. I think because I have enjoyed working in the studio this has impacted the work I’ve created, it has made me feel more confident about my work and has made me feel at ease when sharing my work with the other designers in the studio. I am still keen to learn more about skills, about the industry and about design in general.

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