Explore: Work Placement – Week 4

For my last week of work placement I have been back at Girl and Boy Studio. I have learnt so much again in my last week of placement, and it has made me realise that I like working within a studio environment. I really like the studio culture and just being around other designers, made me feel creative and I think that this type of environment is where I would like to work in the future. Some of the discussions we had made me realise that I need to look wider for inspiration – read as much as I can, travel and watch things as much as I can. These wider interests might spark something creative something different. It’s also an industry where you can continuously learning, which is one thing that I really like about it, everyone is learning along the way.

At the start of this week I continued with the work that I had been doing in the first two weeks, bringing it together into a presentation like brand guidelines. This was a really useful exercise for me as I learnt about making sure that the brand marque is drawn correctly, with clean lines. Leanne showed me how to use invisibles and guides to insure that my illustrations are accurate. This is something that will help me moving forward when using illustrator for other projects. During this I also learnt more about Pantones, and how to choose/show a Pantone in a brand guidelines. I was able to learn how to show the CMYK and RGB numbers of the Pantones. I found this really interesting as I haven’t considered using a Pantone in my work before. I think in the future this is something that I should continue think about.



Later on in the week I was briefed in on another project that had come into the studio. This was another branding project but looking at brand proposition rather than the marque. I found this an interesting project to look at in my last week as I haven’t experience this type of project before. I learnt that it’s important to think about the words first, the essence of the brand, this will help develop brand language. When speaking to the team I learnt that this is something that really should be at the start of any brand project, start with the essence – what’s the brand about?

I was tasked to come up with some ideas about the language, look and feel for the project. After sitting down and discussing the core values about the brand and what they do, we then separated to think and develop our ideas before bringing them together I learnt that through doing this that I need to stop being so precious about my work, I shouldn’t run with one idea for too long, it needs to be a fast, get the idea out on the board, then move on, the more ideation at this stage the better.

I also got the chance to go to a client meeting with Leanne and Duncan. This was another useful experience for me as it was interesting to see how they work with clients getting shots to help aid illustration for part of the work that they are doing. It was interesting to see how they do this process getting the right angles and movements.


At the end of this week I was also able to sit down with Duncan and go through using InDesign. I found this useful as it showed me how to set up documents for print, talking about ratios, how you need to ensure that you’r working in 4’s when printing, different types of grids, master pages and much more. Overall these past few weeks working in Girl & Boy studio has been a real learning experience, I have learnt more about design, the industry, culture and me as a designer.


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