Persuasion: Task 3 – Initial Ideas & Tutorial

After meeting Jennifer I started to come up with visual ideas for the project, I felt that I was able to sketch a few ideas down at this point as the meeting with Jennifer had made it clearer to me what it was about.

I decided to sketch different ideas for social media posts, including instagram stories/ post templates, Facebook post templates. These are important as she wants the brand to be consistent across ever form of social media so I felt that creating templates would allow the brand to do this. I also did some initial sketches for the video intro/outro which is the main deliverable in this project. At this initial stage I felt that using the logo of the brand is the best approach its simple and will show the viewers the brand at the start and end.  I also had other ideas like GIFs and filters which could enhance social media engagement with the brand which is ultimately what we are trying to achieve.

Initial Ideas
Initial Ideas 

We also had a tutorial with Jay today using the Microsoft software Teams, this was my first time using the software but I felt that it went really well. Using the video call aspects it felt that we were in the studio having a tutorial like we normally would. Myself, Ellie, Joe and Siwen were in the tutorial, this was helpful as we were able to bounce ideas around which is really helpful during this process. Jay was pleased with the progress I’d made so far and felt that for next week I should bring these concepts/ideas to life in a PDF document.

My plan for developing these ideas is to sketch out a few storyboards for the video intro/outro’s, which I will then develop using Adobe After Effects. I think doing some research into video intro and outros will be useful as it will show me what’s working out there already.  I will also create a ideation document on Illustrator so I can visually see how the social media post might look. I will also look at creating some gif ideas on photoshop which is something that I have done before during my A level photography course.

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