DfRL: Mentor Meeting #3 & Typeface Development

After the feedback I received about the typeface during the client meeting I thought that I would look at friendly san serif typefaces. Carys had suggested to me that I look at the typeface Effra to start, from this I was able to start looking at others such as: macho, Tisa san pro, Proxima pro, freightsans pro & Gill Sans. I tried these all out like titles were I was able to eliminate Tisa sans Pro and Proxima as they just didn’t seem to work for me when I used them for a title. With the other four I tried experimenting with the bodycopy as this would be important part of any booklet or poster. From this I decided that Macho would be best as it has persoanlity to it while also being legible. It also worked well with the comma that I had taken from Times New Roman.


Kat was really positive about my work and about the new choice of typeface. She felt that it works really well and gives that personality the client is looking for. She also felt that my poster designs worked well and she liked the idea of utilising the comma as a vessel to show different forms of information. She suggested that I play around with how I can use the comma to showcase the information tho. For example using the different blues and whites to showcase how it might be adapted for different information.

She also suggested maybe looking at adapting some of my elements for social media because this is a good way of attracting the age group which I’m intending to communicate to. She felt that all the posters could be easily adapted into a range of social media ads or post moving forward. When I showed my animation Kat said maybe think about using the comma to visual what the words are saying on the screen. She said it would re-enforce this idea of using the comma to represent information as well as using it to show people that they need to slow down.

This feedback was really useful and helpful with me processing further with this project. I felt that with this feedback I would be able to develop an outcome which is strong for my portfolio but also answers the brief which has been set.

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