DfRL: Design Development #2

The next stage in the development for the animation was to add a voice over which played alongside the animation, I recorded this using my iPhone. The voice over simply reiterated the words that where on the screen. I also animated the text using an offset keyframe which started at -100 and then finished at 100. This allowed the effect as through each character was slowly being spoken. I thought that this reiterated the key message within the campaign which is trying to get people to slow down when communicating with someone who has Aphasia.

I also started to develop the poster further. I decided that I was going to do a typographic series and a poster series which was more focused around information design. For the typographical series I used a comma after every word in order to showcase how we need to be patient when speaking to people. For another visual element I have added the outline of a comma to further highlight the visual language that I am using.

For the information design posters I’ve used the comma to visualise some of the stats that I felt were key for the public to know in order to understand what Aphasia is. I’ve used commas on the first poster to symbolise 10,000 people in total there are 35 commas on the poster. I’ve also use the blue to highlight the 1 in 3 on the second poster while the third poster shows how people can feel isolated by having the blue commas surround the white one. This is the basis for the information design element of this project which is a key part of the project

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