DfRL: Client Meeting #4

I used the meeting today to show how my animation has developed and get thoughts and feedback from the client group. Since this was the last meeting before the final presentation on Friday I thought getting feedback on the element that I was trying to develop further was important.

Overall, they seemed happy with the animation and thought that the simplicity of the comma works really well. They liked the open space around the comma and words as they felt that it gave them time to think and that is what I am aiming to get people to do from this animation is think about Aphasia and what Aphasia is. They did say that the message of what people can do to help could be pushed further. I agree with this however, for further scope for the project I think that it would be best that there is a series of animations that tell the audience what they need to do so that they aren’t over whelmed with information for just one video.

Carys suggested maybe I could look at the typography further in relation to playing around with weight and colour. Using the bright blue to highlight key words and phrases and making them in a bolder weight but not changing the point size. This is something that I will take forward and work on as I feel that it will add to the final outcome. Also, they suggested that I drop the audio into Premiere Pro to get rid of the background noise. I haven’t used Premiere pro in a project before however, I think that doing this will help get a stronger overall finish to the audio.

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