Criticality: Development #2 & Tutorial


In order to start creating some visuals for the outcome I decided in order to get good fidelity for the project using screenshots from the BBC website would work best. I could adapt and edit these within photoshop to showcase how my alternative solutions could work. This is what I did with the first idea of creating a website interface that is shows a balance between the positive and negative news.

Image 1 – screenshot taken from BBC website. Image 2 – Photoshop version with positive headlines

I thought that this worked well in order to showcase how it might look if this idea was to be put in place. I didn’t have the correct typeface that the BBC use so I have had to adapt to use one that is similar this is something that I need to work on if I was to take it forward. When working on this idea that to wasn’t clear which of these sides was positive or negative at times. This is something that I think Carol and Theo were trying to get me to distinguish clearly but this is evidently harder that I thought it would be.

I wanted to look at creating the news interface with a warning message that would pop up. I thought that this could be better way of communicating to the audience about how the news can make us feel negative due to a process call negativity bias. We are used to seeing content warning on social media but not when on news website. I think it would get people thinking about twice about how it might make them feel after reading the article.

Again I felt that the best way to do this was to take a screen recording of me using the BBC website then in after effects create pop up warnings that appear when hovering over the article. I looked at visuals of content warnings that you would see and also news alerts to see the aesthetic that they had. From this I create an initial warning that could be used for the outcome. I used the phrase emotions warning then listed negative feelings that it might make them feel. By taking this illustrator file into after effects I was able to then animate it to work with the video.

Personally I think the second approach works best with what I want to communicate to the audience. Also, I think that it’s clearer and will get people thinking about how negative the news can be and that there isn’t a balance between positive and negative. Trying to create a balance is more challenging than simply just placing a label on them.

Tutorial Feedback

I found the feedback from the tutorial really useful as it will help me develop my idea further. Carol agreed with me that the second approach is working better and is a bit more disruptive while still getting the point across that there is a bias in the news particular when it comes to reporting negative news. These are the following points from the tutorial.

  • Consider trigger warnings from different points of view. Like different biases within the news, there are different categories for the bais and how it could impact.
  • Maybe look into research about bias within the news to give some underlying theory to this aspect of the project.
  • Play around and develop how the warnings pop up is there a more interesting way? consider looking at the sensitive content ones that we see on social media sites like instagram??
  • Consider the different warnings that might pop up??

Using this feedback I’m going to develop this project further and play around with the design aspects of the idea. For Monday, Carol mentioned wanting to see an near final outcome which is do able within the timeframe that we have left. I am thinking about videoing someone using the website with the pop up coming up in order to showcase how it could work.

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