FMP: Developments

After the feedback I received from the group tutorial I have made some amendments to the animation for the project. I have started by looking at the background layer of the animation, this was described as being strapped in by the group last time I showed the animation to them therefore I have changed the soundwave bars to simple lines in order for the focus to be on the symbols about movement. I think that this allows the symbols to be at the forefront when viewing the animation however I feel that there is a sense of music that is now missing from the piece. I would like to see if there is a way to incorporate the soundwaves back into the piece without being distracting however I am not sure at this point how I can achieve this.

I have also made the changes to how the symbols are animated into the peace. I was told they need to be more elegant and softer and I have animated some of the elements to do this. However when I was considering which elements needed to be animated in this way I found that ice and animated the symbols to look like the physical movements that happen by the gymnast and I didn’t want to lose this by animating them in a slightly different way. Although I understand that rhythmic gymnastics can come across as a elegance and softer sport, The movements are more dynamic than they appear and I wanted to animate the symbols to represent the movements as that is what the project is all about. I have also added more symbols into the animation to show the complexity of routine although there are some key elements that are missing I felt it was appropriate to focus on the handling in moving gymnast gymnast.

In terms of how the supporting book has developed I have decided to take on board the feedback by using the video content that I curated within the pages of the book. This will be done by our technology having a symbol within the pages that shows that they can be scanned by an Device and have the videos overlay certain pages. I thought that this piece of feedback really helped me to contextualise the use of these videos in the project. I experimented with Adobe Airsoft work to try and get this however at the point in time Aero does not support video files. In order to show this I took video into Adobe after affects and created a mockup of how the phone was coming and scanned the page and then the video would appear. I feel with the videos being used for our content within the book allows the project to come together it also gives me the opportunity to allow the user to scan the first page to view the animation therefore tying the book and the animation together.

The small developments have started to make bigger changes to the project and I feel as though it is coming together finally. I know that there are certain parts of the project which still need developing the animation I feel there are elements that need to be added in a while the book there are things that also need to be changed including adding the AR triggers in themselves. Happy with the progress I have made over the past week on this project and feels that in the next two weeks before the final deadline I have time to develop and improve upon these changes. I would also like to make it clear to the viewer what I am communicating and I feel the best way to do this is a small explanation at the start of the book about what rhythmic gymnastics is and what these symbols mean.

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